Singapore Government Enterprise Architecture (SGEA)

SGEA is a set of blueprints comprising the Business Architecture (BA), Information Architecture (IA), Solution Architecture (SA) and Technical Architecture (TA) of the Singapore government. It provides a holistic view of business functions, common data standards, and shared ICT systems and infrastructure.

This programme facilitates the identification of opportunities for collaboration among agencies, encouraging greater sharing of data, systems and processes across agencies.

Reference Models

The SGEA has four developed reference models which are listed below:

  1. Business Reference Model (BRM) - The BRM addresses the BA, and describes the Lines of Businesses and Business Functions performed by different government agencies.
  2. Data Reference Model (DRM) - The DRM addresses the IA. It specifies the data definitions for data elements that are commonly used across government.
  3. Solution Reference Model (SRM) - The SRM addresses the SA, and describes the systems and service components that can be shared across government.
  4. Technical Reference Model (TRM) - The TRM is addressed by the Service-wide Technical Architecture (SWTA) established since 2002.

Methodology for AGency ENTerprise Architecture (MAGENTA)

MAGENTA has been released to guide government agencies in Enterprise Architecture (EA) development with the use of the reference models. It provides detailed steps to develop an EA, templates for information capture, scenarios and best practices.

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