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As Singapore moves towards becoming a Smart Nation, one of IDA's priorities is to build the technology industry through assisting the growth of our young and promising Singapore-based early-stage growth technology companies. Being accredited will open up more opportunities for their products and solutions to be showcased and eventually bought. For buyers from the Government and large enterprises, the accreditation process would provide an independent third party evaluation of the companies' claimed product core functionalities and ability to deliver.

Through Accreditation@IDA, IDA will help these Singapore-based companies win more work within the Government. To increase the visibility of accredited companies, they will be showcased at IDA events, demo days, and involved in thematic workshops to match government lead demand with innovative supply. The Government procurement process has also been streamlined to allow accredited companies to be considered first by Government agencies. Additionally, IDA has tied up with various strategic industry partners which can provide useful resources and expertise to the accredited companies when bidding for larger projects.


Accreditation@IDA is set up to achieve the following objectives:

  • Accredit promising and innovative Singapore-based early-stage growth technology product companies to establish credentials and position them as qualified contenders to government and large enterprise buyers;
  • Provide potential buyers assurance on the accredited companies' product core functionalities and ability to deliver; and
  • Build an innovative technopreneur ecosystem to drive economic growth, inspire the younger generation, and build more innovative products and technology companies that can scale overseas.

Accreditation Process

A summary of the process for Accreditation@IDA is illustrated in the figure below.

Accreditation Process

Interested companies can find out more on the details of the process in our guidelines.

Accredited Company List

The following is a list of companies whose products have attained the accredited status:

Category Energy Management Solution
Evercomm Uni-Tech Singapore Pte Ltd – EMS
Contact Website:
Contact: Ted Chen
Tel: 8344 7568
Green Koncepts Pte Ltd – KEM Platform & Energetix
Contact Website:
Contact: Kenneth Lee
Tel: 6245 9332
Category Enterprise File Synchronisation and Sharing (EFSS)
Inspire-Tech Pte Ltd - EasiShare
Contact Website:
Contact: Sharon Teo
Tel: 9003 3001
Category Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
Deep Identity Pte Ltd - Deep IACM with add-on modules Deep IM and Deep DGM
Contact Website:
Contact: Siva Belasamy
Tel: 6848 7325
Category Linked Data / Data Management
Latize Pte Ltd - Ulysses
Contact Website:
Contact: K Biju
Tel: 9791 3274
Category Mobile Application Development Platform
Tagit Pte Ltd - Mobeix
Contact Website:
Contact: Sandeep Bagaria
Tel: 9760 1220
Category Mobile and Web Security
V-Key Pte Ltd - V-OS, V-Guard, V-Track & V-Tap
Contact Website:
Contact: William Lim
Tel: 9113 1077
Category Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Systems
AeroLion Technologies Pte Ltd – BlackLion UAS
Contact Website:
Contact: Wang Fei
Tel: 9274 0043                     
Hope Technik Pte Ltd – Spider UAS
Contact Website:
Contact: Michael Leong
Tel: 6877 0193
Category Video Analytics
KAI Square Pte Ltd - Video Analytics-as-a-Service (VAaaS) Solution
Contact Website:
Contact: Neo Shi Yong
Tel: 6634 8809
Trakomatic Pte Ltd - OTrack & OSense
Contact Website:
Contact: Allen Lin
Tel: 9851 9558

Strategic Industry Partners

Accredited companies will have preferred access to Accreditation@IDA's strategic partners' industry best practices, experience, and infrastructure.

Resource Partners
Amazon Web Services Sponsor resources to accredited companies to leverage their enterprise grade cloud platform and technical workshops
Intellectual Property Office of Singapore Help accredited companies build capabilities in Intellectual Property management as part of their overall growth strategies
Go-to-market Partners
CrimsonLogic Solution experts for trade facilitation, judiciary, business licensing, and security sectors
S&I Systems Solution experts focusing on retail, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing sectors
Fuji Xerox Singapore Leader in document services and communication solutions
Dell Global B.V. (Singapore Branch) Leading global information technology company that offers a broad range of hardware solutions and services.
Hardware Testing Evaluation Partner
Nanyang Polytechnic's Centres of Innovation for Electronics Supporting IDA with testing and evaluating products for companies seeking accreditation incorporating electronic hardware components

Contact Details

Accreditation@IDA is open for application. Please refer to the Guidelines and Terms and Conditions documents below.

For clarifications or more details, please contact

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