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Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore – Singapore Government Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore – Singapore Government

Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures


Infocomm Industry

  2013 2014
Infocomm Industry Revenue (S$billion) 156.3 167.1
Domestic Revenue (%) 31.0 30.3
Export Revenue (%) 69.0 69.7

Infocomm Manpower

  2013 2014
Infocomm Manpower 146,700 150,200
Annual Growth (%) 1.7 2.4

Infocomm Usage

Households and Individuals

2013 2014
Households with Internet access (%) 87 88
Individuals who are Internet users (%) 81 79

Footnote: Statistics on Internet users in 2014 is not directly compatible with that of 2013 due to a change in reference period and age group coverage. The reference period in 2013 was based on using the Internet in the past 12 months instead of the past 3 months in 2014, and the reference age group was aged 7 & above in 2013 instead of all age groups in 2014.


Business Broadband Adoption (%) 2013 2014
Overall 86 86
< 10 Employees 82 81
10 & Above Employees 95 97

Postal Services

  Sep 2014 Dec 2014
Domestic Mail 159,956,000 155,655,000
International Mail 28,186,000

Residential Broadband

A basic 512kbps line works fine for regular e-mail and Web browsing but tech-savvy households with multiple members engaging in huge file downloads, online games, video streaming and more will need a lot more bandwidth. With over a dozen broadband Internet plans offering a wide spectrum of prices and speeds, consumers may find it a challenge to choose the right plan.


SMS Performance Measurement

IDA has decided to conduct half-yearly tests on the performance for the Short Message Service (SMS) provided by Public Cellular Mobile Telephone Service (PCMTS) operators and to publish the survey results on the IDA website for public information. This is in recognition of the increasing importance and widespread use of SMS as a means of communication amongst users in Singapore. The objective of the SMS Performance Test is to ascertain the end-to-end response time of SMS across local mobile networks.


4G Service Monitoring

IDA has decided to conduct quarterly measurement surveys on the performance of the 4G services provided by the mobile operators and to publish the survey results on the IDA website for public information. The objective of the 4G monitoring exercise is to increase transparency of mobile operator’s 4G service coverage performance and hence, consumers’ awareness on the quality of 4G services.


Singapore Economy Key Indicators

The Singapore Department of Statistics' website provides a snapshot of the Singapore economy and population based on data for the latest available year. Annual indicators such as GDP, employment, productivity, inflation and major sectors of the economy are presented. It also includes vital statistics on the population.


Singapore's Ranking in Infocomm

Singapore has consistently performed well in global and regional infocomm rankings, especially in the area of e-government where it has topped international studies such as the Waseda University World e-Government ranking. It has also emerged among the leading countries in the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report which measures the impact of ICT on the development process and the competitiveness of nations.