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Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore – Singapore Government Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore – Singapore Government

iN2015 Masterplan

iN2015 Masterplan


In May 2005, a high-level steering committee convened to spearhead the development of Singapore's 10-year masterplan to grow the infocomm sector and to use infocomm technologies to enhance the competitiveness of key economic sectors and build a well-connected society. iN2015 is a living blueprint, jointly developed with the people and the private sectors, to navigate Singapore's exhilarating transition into An Intelligent Nation, A Global City, Powered By Infocomm.

iN2015 will fuel creativity and enable innovation among businesses and individuals by providing an infocomm platform that supports enterprise and talent.It will connect businesses, individuals and communities, giving them the ability to harness resources and capabilities across geographies. iN2015 will be the conduit to enable access to the world's resources and for Singapore to export her ideas, products and services to the global marketplace.

Singapore's iN2015 strategy

  • To establish an ultra-high speed, pervasive, intelligent and trusted infocomm infrastructure
  • To develop a globally competitive infocomm industry
  • To develop an infocomm-savvy workforce and globally competitive infocomm manpower
  • To spearhead the transformation of key economic sectors, government and society through more sophisticated and innovative use of infocomm

Desired outcomes

  • Enriched lives through infocomm
  • Enhanced economic competitiveness and innovation through infocomm
  • Increased growth and competitiveness of the infocomm industry


  • To be #1 in the world in harnessing infocomm to add value to the economy and society
  • To realise a two-fold increase in the value-add of the infocomm industry to $26 billion
  • To realise a three-fold increase in infocomm export revenue to $60 billion and
  • To create 80,000 additional jobs
  • To achieve 90 per cent home broadband usage
  • To achieve 100 per cent computer ownership in homes with school-going children

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