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National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF)

National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF)


The National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF), developed by IDA and WDA in close collaboration with the infocomm industry, is a national infocomm roadmap that articulates the competency requirements of key Infocomm professionals. Infocomm professionals and employers can leverage the NICF to determine the types of skills and competencies required for various infocomm jobs and to develop training strategies for the professionals to acquire these skills through accredited training providers.


NICF provides infocomm professionals and employers with the necessary information and knowledge founded on standards agreed upon by the industry and companies to: 

  1. Assess competencies and performance of infocomm employees; 
  2. Develop training roadmaps and development programmes for employees; 
  3. Guide design of training curriculum and plan career pathways of infocomm employees; and 
  4. Assess the employability of potential infocomm employees to aid in effective HR recruitment. 


The NICF Portal is currently being revamped to better serve the industry. In the mean time, users can still access the NICF professional documentation through the following links.


NICF identifies various ICT sectors and defines the functional groups, key job roles and its functions. The framework currently covers 631 competency standards that have been identified for 334 industry job roles.
To access the framework documentation, please click here.

Readiness Kit

The NICF Readiness Kit is a collection of guide and templates that aims to help companies to effectively use the NICF to improve processes for the development and management of infocomm manpower. 
Regardless of the company size or the maturity of its infocomm talent management processes, the NICF Readiness Kit will assist each company to adopt the NICF with ease.
To access the NICF Readiness Kit, please click here.


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