National Infocomm Competition

National Infocomm Competition 2015National Infocomm Competition 2015


The National Infocomm Competition (NIC) is a series of infocomm-themed competitions (termed as "Challenges") to expose students to areas such as programming, mobile application development, networking, games design and creation. The NIC aims to inculcate interest and raise exposure about infocomm among students and create a common branding to boost the prestige of infocomm competitions in Singapore.

Programme Description

Students from across Primary, Secondary/JC and ITE/Polytechnic/University can take part in the various competitions. NIC continues to create a common branding platform to boost the prestige of ICT and attract young talents into ICT courses and careers. NIC competitions will aim to develop students’ skill sets in building ICT products, increasing cyber security knowledge and fostering analytical skills. This will be achieved through IDA-led competitions in key emerging areas and continued partnership with academia and industry to co-organise/support strategic competitions in strong growth ICT areas. Winners identified in these competitions will be invited to compete in the NIC Face Off held in September. Outstanding students will be invited to compete in prestigious overseas competitions. 


Students will be able to train and compete against others who share a similar passion in a particular area of infocomm. Through the competitions, students can deepen their skills. Some of the competitions will also lead on to a regional/international competition where students can further benchmark their performance against overseas counterparts and be exposed to the international infocomm scene. IDA and the organisers will provide support for the champions of each circuit to go on to compete and win glory for the schools and Singapore.

Eligibility Criteria

Open to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Junior College, Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnics, and Universities.

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